116: God at Work in the Unconventional with Teresa Ann | Carrie Robaina

Teresa Ann is the founder of Let’s talk Teresa Ann show on Youtube, is a
podcaster, and a dear friend of Carrie’s. Today she was invited on the show to talk about something the Lord has asked her to do that is unconventional within the social media realm. If you’re a long time listener of the show you may be familiar with Teresa already! Stay tuned for one amazing interview where you will be encouraged and challenged on what’s about to be shared.

Introduction to Teresa Ann (2:00)

On top of being the host of Let’s Talk with Teresa Ann, Teresa also has a podcast with her daughter, Tristin. This podcast called “Oh…Teresa and Tristan podcast” is about encouraging listeners to shift their perspective to see with life giving eyes verses lack. To check this podcast out please click here.

Goodbye Social Media (3:00)

Teresa Ann felt a call from God to get off social media even though that is a huge part of her platform of influence.

Act of Obedience (5:00)

Teresa shares that through a series of wrestling back and forth, she realized she needed the Lord’s confirmation because it seemed to be very odd God would ask her to walk away from social media when at the time it was such a big part of her life! Though it felt a bit uncomfortable at first, Teresa wanted to be obedient above all else and was expectant that God would show her something important from all of this.

Different Callings (7:00)

We all have different callings in this life and while God may call some people out of social media, that does not go for everyone. Some people are asked to stay and be a light in the midst of the social media realm. What’s important is that we listen to the Lord’s beckoning, then obey!

A Heart Transformed (8:30)

Teresa realized walking away from social media was not merely about social media, it was about Him wanting to expose her heart and how she was using social media to exploit something that was meant to be filled by God and God alone. Since Teresa has removed herself from social media, her eyes have been opened to see how much she had longed for the approval of man.

No Desire (11:00)

No longer does Teresa have a desire to be on social media in this season and time.

It’s a Process (14:00)

It’s a continual moment by moment process God wants to get those impurities out of us, in all areas of life! For a long time Teresa was allowing social media to be a security blanket and that is something she believes the Lord wanted to take away. It is the Lord’s kindness that leads us to transformation. God desires to take stuff out of us that doesn’t produce real, true, authentic, and pure fruit!

Known and Loved (16:00)

Teresa shares her process in discovering that the Lord may ask us to walk away from certain things not because he wants to punish us but because he wants freedom and liberation in our lives! God desires for us to be known in Him and find our worth and value in Him only. It’s a really beautiful thing when we can discover that for ourselves.

Conviction is an Invitation (17:45)

Conviction is an invitation to simply draw near to the one who loves us most! God is not condemning people when conviction comes, rather He is drawing us near to His heart. What an honor!  

The Journey of Leaving Social Media  (19:45)

Carrie poses a question asking how the process has been for Teresa removing herself from social media.

Good Intentions (23:00)

We can overindulge in the things of God and not God himself. When Teresa would dive into things that are good but focused on that more than God Himself, it became an idol. As people in the church serving, we need to be cautious with what our eyes focus on, that we don’t focus so much on the things of God and forget to focus on God Himself. If we’re constantly going to those things because they are of God but still not God, where is our hope lying anyways?

Seek God First (25:30)

When we pursue God first, all of these other things follow. First seek the kingdom of God and all of his righteousness and all of these things will be added to you!

The Importance of Quality Time (26:45)

Face to face interaction is so important! Teresa shares how going off social media has realigned her relationships and priorities in seeing her loved ones and close connections face to face when possible.

Face to Face (29:30)

When you see people face to face you get to see the intricate parts of how God created that person.

Made for Community (31:30)

We were made for community and connection. It’s not always easy or convenient to meet in person but it is absolutely worth it!

Encouragement from Teresa (33:30)

Teresa encourages all listeners to keep seeking after God, to hear from God, and to be still. If you’re caught in a situation not knowing what to do, simply respond to the beckoning of God and remember He is God and watch what will unfold.

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