Teresa McMillan is a leader and mentor for the World Race, a program for 21 to 35 year olds to travel to 11 countries in 11 months all while getting discipled and witnessing on the go. Today Teresa shares her transformation story to help build up listeners faith and to empower you to be the hands and feet of Jesus right where you are too.

Introduction to Teresa (3:00)

Teresa grew up Asheville North Carolina, was raised catholic, and never knew Jesus though she did go to church because her parents wanted her to.  From age 14 and on she pursued a buckwild life but around 22 years old had a pivotal moment in her spiritual journey. In that moment, a stranger approached her and asked if she was a Christian. This person in particular challenged her thinking in love, and shared the gospel with her in a way she had never understood before. Shortly after, Teresa decided to write a letter to God asking for the opportunity to know Him more and to be able to share about Him the rest of her life.

A Special Letter (4:45)  

One day as Teresa worked in a J&S cafeteria, she received a piece of paper that had a typed letter saying something along the lines of, “Dear friend I love you, I miss you, and saw you go to sleep last night. Love, Jesus.” This letter in particular reminded Teresa of how real Jesus was and how He wanted to be so close with her.

A True Friend (8:00)

Teresa is still friends with the pastor that shared the gospel with her and occasionally speaks at the church to help inspire and empower the local body.

20 Seconds of Insane Courage (8:30)

Carrie pitches the idea that sometimes all it takes is 20 seconds of insane courage to share the gospel with individuals you find yourself around.

A Dream Come True (9:30)

Teresa had a desire to go and share her faith to the world, and this is what God has led her into.

Wisdom From Teresa (11:30)

See the person in front of you, notice them, and ask God what they need to know today. It’s all about taking it one person at a time. Teresa shares that evangelism can look different every time. Maybe it’s telling a person for 15 seconds that Jesus loves them, but it’s also sitting for 6 hours talking with the muslim family about who Christ is. Teresa also encourages listeners to be interruptible, to be open and available, to allow the holy spirit to move in and through you.

Hearing the Voice of God (13:00)

Sometimes it can be challenging to discern the voice of the Lord verses your own voice. Sometimes you may hear a voice in your head say “hey, stop what you’re doing and go talk to that person”. Even if you may have heard wrong, it’s still a beautiful thing to share the love of Jesus with someone else. God delights in our willingness and heart for obedience. Make sure to give yourself extra grace! You never know until you try.

Cross Cultural Missions Verses the USA (15:00)

There seems to be a thinking in the Christian culture that evangelism in the United States is more difficult that evangelism overseas. Teresa shares that it’s not one or the other, both are just different. There is an intense intentionality overseas, while most evangelism for her in America happens in the day to day while eating at a restaurant, uber driving, waiting at an airport, and other moments like that. This is not to say intentional outreach doesn’t happen in the United States, because it most certainly does!

A Global Revival (18:00)

Teresa shares that she almost exploded at the send and it was a dream come true to see many people gathered and worshipping Jesus. She believes God is creating a wider capacity in her to be more bold in evangelism and on fire for God.

Sugar Fast (20:30)

Teresa elaborates on how this 40 day fast from sugar is serving her.

Crushed (21:30)

After a sister dying and Dad committing suicide, the grief process was excruciating and Teresa felt like she was going to die. But in that time, she overcame and found true hope in Christ no matter what.

Suffering Produces Hope (25:00)

We all need God to renew our minds on a daily basis. A couple good questions to ask God during times of difficulty are “God what was that?” and “Hey God, why did this happen?” When we hear God minister to our hearts, it changes everything. We encourage you to invite Him into the process.

The World Race (27:00)

Content manager, Kailey Mattarella did the World Race and that is how Carrie and Teresa were initially connected. The world race is a branch off of the Adventures in Missions organization which provides opportunity for people of all ages to embark on missional journeys around the world, while being discipled along the way. Impressively, there are currently over 480 ministry Adventures in Missions partners around the world.

Radically Changed (30:00)

Teresa shares how she gets to see lives radically changed not only across the globe, but within America too.

World Race America (30:30)

For a long time Teresa had a dream to bring the gospel into the nations and through the new opportunity known as “World Race America” this dream has come true.

Turn to Jesus  (31:00)

If you are someone that has never started a relationship with Jesus, we encourage you to start one today. God wants to be close and you don’t need to do anything but simply come as you are. Teresa is someone who had never read the bible before she gave her life to Christ but knew in her spirit it was the best decision she could ever make. Following Jesus will be hard, but it most certainly is choosing the best life. It is in all of our best interest to live for the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the one who loves us through it all.

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