Are you ready to start your own podcast but don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you have already figured out some of the steps but are having trouble putting all the pieces together. Real talk – are you a beginner but not a finisher because in our DIY culture you have lots of information at your finger tips but need someone to give you that extra push to apply what you’ve learned?

You might even be asking yourself if this podcasting thing is legit or is right for you in this season of life.

Friend, if any of the situations above resonate with you, then The Beginner’s Guide To Podcasting is just for you.

This mini-course will give you the exact steps you need and information you’ve been seeking to turn your podcast aspirations into a reality. Whether it’s knowing what tech to use or how to build a show, The Beginner’s Guide To Podcasting will help you get your podcast out of your heart and into your own podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Player-FM and beyond!

If you’re ready to put on your learning cap and put your knowledge into action – I’m thrilled to have you!

Meet Your Instructor 

Carrie Robaina

One of Carrie’s biggest passions is encouraging women in faith, business and podcasting with purpose. She is an entrepreneur, podcast consultant and hosts the She Walks In Truth® podcast. She has a 20 year background in broadcast journalism of various forms. Carrie has spoken at numerous business events, writes for the She Walks In Truth blog.

Whether it’s teaching online courses, consulting or creating content for her own podcast, Carrie is always applying the skills set she’s mastered working as a media profession, business mentor or as a high school journalism teacher to help others grow in their passion, purpose and realm of influence.

Learn the steps you need & gain the confidence you deserve to launch your own podcast! 


Here’s what I will teach you in The Beginner’s Guide To Podcasting

Course Contents

Welcome Aboard & Overview of Podcasting (12:21)

Lesson 1: Topic & Format (7:58)

Lesson 2: Equipment & Software (15:34)

Lesson 3: Creative Components (12:43)

Lesson 4: Preparing To Launch (17:44)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What can I expect?

Once you purchase The Beginner’s Guide To Podcasting you will be assigned a username and password to the course which is where you will access the course materials.

What’s the start and end date of the course?

You have lifetime access to the course at anytime via your personal login information that will work through at your own pace.

What kind of technology do I need?

All you need to begin is a computer, wi-fi and an email account! In the course I’ll guide you through what type of microphone to buy and what type of software you’ll need to record and edit with…much of it’s free!