103: Debunking Societal Myths & Fears Surrounding Incarceration with Sarah Davis | Carrie Robaina

Sarah Davis is passionate about advocating for those who are both incarcerated and are returning to society after serving time. She joins the She Walks In Truth podcast to talk with Carrie Robaina about her faith journey and the why behind ministering to felons and employing ex-convicts.   

Introduction to Sarah Davis (1:00)

Sarah and her husband are multi-passionate creatives determined to share the love of Jesus through word and action to those in prison settings based in Hamilton Ohio.

The Fringe Coffee House (3:00)

The Fringe Coffee House is an up and coming development intended to provide employment opportunities for ex-felons.

Outpouring of Support (7:00)

People from the local community have been very supportive of the faith based music therapy program The Fringe coffee house.

Outside the Four Walls (8:30)

Carrie poses a question, asking what inspired Sarah and her husband to pursue ministry outside of the four walls of the church. 

The Heart Behind Incarceration Ministry  (9:00)

Sarah and her husband both have had personal experiences within the incarceration system. The pain they experienced there propelled them to pursue a platform that could help others who have gone through similar hardships.

Meet People Where They’re At (9:40)

People within the prison system oftentimes have years of deep trauma and shame. Sometimes the best thing we can do is simply see and accept the person where they’re at, like Jesus would do.

Unlearning Toxic Views of God (11:00)

Sarah shares on her childhood experiences with religion to now letting go of false views of God she developed over the years.

Nowhere To Turn But God (13:00)

God is the only one who can fix broken pieces and fit them together for good. The love of Jesus pursues us even when we try to run. His love is relentless.

The Beginnings of Faith Based Music Therapy (16:00)

Sarah and her husband often use music videos as a major part of the music therapy exercise.

Our gifts can be used to make a difference (16:30)

We all have unique gifts that can be used to help restore God’s Kingdom on this earth.  

Collaboration is Key (21:00)

Often times real growth comes from working together as a team rather than individually. Here-sharpening and refinement takes place!

Advice from Sarah (22:00)

If there is a tug on your heart for this population GO for it! Simply showing up and sharing the love of Jesus through word and action makes a big impact. Don’t shy away from YOUR story–it could empower people more than you know.

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