Wendy Henley is a woman of God and kingdom entrepreneur. Seeking the kingdom first has given Wendy’s family business a meaningful purpose and has also helped them to love people within the corporate realm in a deeper way. Listeners on the show today, will be encouraged, equipped, and challenged to make a kingdom difference in your work life too. 

Introduction to Wendy Henley (1:35) 

Wendy is a wife, mom, and teammate with her husband in the mortgage company and culture. She and her husband recently opened Trinity Oaks Mortgage company and feel God has honored this opportunity to reach people for Christ. 

Forerunners in Kingdom Business (4:10)

Trinity Oaks Mortgage company sets an incredible example for so many other business on how to bring the kingdom of God into the workplace. They have four core values such as honest communication, second mile service, relentless pursuit of excellence, and generous love, all based on God’s truth. On top of living out these four core values, Wendy and her husband make an effort to hand out bibles to customers after they have honored them in the mortgage services.

Blessings in Real Estate (5:30)

Carrie shares how a Christian real estate agent greatly blessed her and her husband Ricardo when they recently had been looking to purchase a new home. She noticed the real estate agent seemed to care more about her as a person rather than how much money they could get from the business itself. 

Stop for the One (7:45)

Jesus stopped for so many individuals, so should we! It can be intimidating to be courageous like offering to pray for people or sharing the gospel, however there is great fufillment when we do step out. 

Trust in Him (10:40)

When we are called to something we must trust that God is going to make a way. If God has placed something on your heart such as handing out bibles in the workplace, you will never know it’s impact unless you give it a try. 

No More Fear (11:45) 

We don’t have time to let fear rob the joy from ourselves or for others, it has no right to dominate us. Overtime Wendy has learned to love sharing the joy of the Lord with folks around her. At first this used to get her nervous but now, she’s learned people want to know that you care. Little things like stopping for a server and asking if they need prayer can make a huge difference in someone’s life. What are some things you can do to make a positive impact on someone today? 

Honor Him (14:00)

God is the one who accepts us, redeems us, and calls us back home. Because of who He is, we have a responsibility to honor Him in all we do. 

Ambassadors of Christ (14:55)

We are ambassadors of Christ here and now, it is our privilege and responsibility to release that on earth. Believers do what we do because we desire to show God’s heart to the world around. 

Fruit of the Kingdom (15:30)

God’s kingdom is peace, joy, righteousness, and love. Fear can rob us of so much joy and we need to be careful to not make things up in our own mind that would strip us of God’s peace. 

Wendy’s Faith Story (17:15) 

Wendy always felt like she had a connection with God. She was baptized catholic and at 13 years old accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior over her life. From an early age she wanted the fullness of Christ and nothing less. This carried on throughout her teenage years and at 19 years old she was able to attend a great church that allowed her to grow in a love for the word. 

A Call to Encourage (19:00)

At 21 years old, Wendy was baptized in the Holy Spirit. In this, her relationship with the Lord seemed to go to a new level. Wendy started to have more spiritual dreams, discernment, and words of encouragement to share with others. To this day she loves to call out the gold in people, bringing hope and the love of Christ to all. 

Stepping Out (21:00)

Wendy knew God was asking her to speak into people’s lives more so she started to step out and do that. As she grows in stepping out she is also being moved to pray and intercede for specific people laid on her heart. As Wendy walks in more obedience to Him, she’s learned to become more and more available for God to move through her. When you know you’re encouraging people in the Lord, you want to move in it. 

Hope in the Hearing Devotional (26:00)

Wendy knew God was asking her to empower other people and the Hope in the Hearing book is one way she is walking out obedience towards that. This devotional is different from other devotionals because it emphasizes the importance of being thankful and grateful. It is a resource intended to help keep a reader’s heart open towards the Lord and the probing questions will help activate individuals faith on a continual basis. Uniquely designed, everyday of the devotional is working off the last which will empower the reader to move into a new level with the Lord, build hope, and to reaffirm God is speaking to us everyday. To purchase the book, click here

Anchored in Love (27:30) 

Let’s be anchored in the fact that God loves you, He’s guiding you, and wants the best for all of us! 

Activation is Key (28:30)

Our faith needs to be activated on a daily basis. It’s important to consume information and knowledge, but we need to be intentional about acting upon that too. 

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