“She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.”

Matthew 1:21

This year we celebrated our family Christmas early. The day started off as usual with opening stockings and gifts then we sat down for homemade quiche for breakfast followed by pork tenderloin and trimmings for lunch. Typically I will set the table with linens, fancy dishes and cups but honestly, this year this mama didn’t have the energy to go all out.

Instead, I used disposable “Christmasware” from a women’s gathering I held in my home a few nights prior. Truthfully, I felt guilty setting the table without and of our Christmas bling. I thought the kids would miss eating off of Ricardo’s and my wedding china, drinking egg nog out of wine glasses and eating meals from a fine linen lined table. But you know what? Not one person noticed, or if they did they didn’t mention it.

What I did hear was things like, “Mom. I love your quiche. How many did you make?” Because, hungry teenage men. “And, “Mom, will you play my new game with me?” In all honesty I forgot myself that we didn’t use fancy dishes until I was looking back at our pictures a few days after we celebrated.

With Christmas still upon us I want to encourage those of you who might be feeling “less than” or inadequate because you don’t have the energy or even the desire to go all out with Christmas decor or because Christmas is different for you this year. Hear me when I say this. Your home, centerpieces and place settings are not a reflection of your worth before God.

So to you mama, who is single-parenting and are working hard to put a little something special under the tree or on the table this year…you are doing a great job.

To you, friend, who’s been battling an illness and you have not the strength or energy to participate in festivities this year…grace to you. It’s okay.

To you my single friend, find the JOY in embracing this season in your life. Your social status isn’t an indication of your value before God.

And to you, mom or grandma who is not just carrying the bulk of every day life but also planning and navigating all that goes into this time of year…you’re awesome!!!

I love all the festivities, food and holiday decor like most people but if things don’t turn out how you planned or circumstances prevent you from celebrating how you have in years past, remember that what matters most in the midst of it all is love. Not a house and its decor, not a meal and its cost but love that came down from heaven in swaddling clothes; love that can be shared and passed on to others through a smile, offering them a seat at your table or the tenderness of an embrace.

I’m sending you all my love as you focus on what really matters this Christmas!

Much love, 

Carrie Robaina on ending a season well with She Walks In Truth Christian podcast