147: When God Says Go with Carrie Robaina | Carrie Robaina

 We’re saying “see ya later” to the She Walks In Truth podcast in 2020! 

Where do I begin, dear one?! Let me first start by saying thank you for being a loyal listener to the She Walks In Truth podcast over the course of our time on-air the past 3 years! The show and all the wonderful guests who’ve bravely shared their testimonies has brought so much joy into my life. Your sisterhood and willingness to support, share and subscribe to the show means so much to me. 

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This Week’s Takeaways:

  • I’ve absolutely loved what She Walks In Truth has been and will continue to be, though we’re changing the direction on some things with our podcast journey in 2020!  
  • Wherever we go is a mission field. 
  • Just because I’m pressing the pause button with She Walks In Truth podcast for now, does not mean I won’t move forward with it in the future. God is God, He can do whatever He wants!   
  • She Walks In Truth podcast is not going anywhere, all 147 episodes will remain in the podcast space and I encourage you to continue to listen and share all of the episodes.
  • We can’t do everything all at once, and I believe God is calling me to move forward with a new network marketing podcast called the “Dream Builders” podcast. 

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